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Field Safety Rules

Victor Valley RC Flyers (VVRCF)



1.   This is an Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) flying site (charter#4439); AMA and VVRCF memberships are generally required to fly here. (Exemptions; A. Visitors flying on a Buddy-Box in direct supervision of a VVRCF member, for a period not to exceed 60 days, do not require AMA or VVRCF memberships to fly. B. Visiting AMA member day-use pilots, with a $5.00 day-use fee or contest entry fee, do not require a VVRCF membership to fly. C. Non AMA visitors enrolled in the AMA pilot trainer program, flying under the direct supervision of a VVRCF introductory pilot trainer do not require AMA or VVRCF memberships to fly (60 day limit).

2.   AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code rules generally apply at this field with some enhancements.

3.   CAUTION, DO NOT DRINK THE WATER! Water faucets are NON-POTABLE. Not for human consumption.

4.   Fuel spilling onto the ground is prohibited. Utilize a fueling system that will not spill, leak or overflow. Clean all accidental spills immediately. The use of an overflow sealed catch bottle or pan is required.

5.   Flying hours are 7:30 AM to sunset for engines using fuel. Reasonably quiet electric aircraft and Gliders are not limited.

6.   No rockets or fixed wing gas-turbines are allowed at this field. Fireworks are also prohibited in the City of Hesperia.

7.   Generated noise levels at this field are limited. The City of Hesperia Conditional Use Permit CUP-2008-04 (condition 6) specifies; "The applicant shall operate the use so that it does not exceed 60 dB (A) or 5 dB (A) above the ambient noise level along the site boundary". All aircraft in violation will be grounded.

8.   All flying must be beyond the runway deadline, unless pilots present agree to maneuvers over the runway.

9.   Flight patterns for fixed-wing aircraft are west of the runway. All pilots, flying from the main fixed-wing runway, must stand behind the safety fence. Rotary- wing flying, in the fixed-wing area, is only permitted when all fixed-wing pilots present agree to allow it, conforming to the same deadline and flying rules and flight pattern as fixed-wing aircraft. In the rotary-wing area, forward flight, is an east-west line at the north edge of the flight pads. Rotary-wing flying is not allowed south of the flight pads. All aircraft must stay within the boundaries of the Arrowhead CSD property. The City of Hesperia Conditional Use Permit CUP-2008-04 (condition 4) specifies; "Model aircraft shall not be flown more than 1/4 mile from the runway and aircraft shall not be flown over the Mojave River".

10.   Field maps for fixed-wing, rotary-wing and gliders are available at their respective locations. Please review them for additional flight boundary information.

11.   Pilots shall perform a preflight safety inspection check before the initial flight each day.

12.   Taxiing in the pits is prohibited. Outside the no-taxi line you may taxi out to the runway.

13.   Starting of glow engines and arming of electric motors must be performed utilizing a startup stand. 

14.   Spotters are required when two or more aircraft are in the air.

15.   The frequency control board must be utilized for all crystal/synthesizer controlled transmitters.

16.   All model aircraft will yield right-of-way to full scale aircraft.

17.   Flight operations will stop during electrical storms.

18.   Weapons of any kind, including any form of pistol, rifle, explosives, or other life threatening or debilitating devices, are not allowed at the VVRCF field. Violation of this policy will require that the violator leave the field immediately and be subjected to a review by the board of directors for disciplinary action or expulsion. Exception: Law enforcement.

19.   No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the field.

20.   If you brought it, please take it home. Trash of any kind, wrecked planes, fuel cans and cigarette butts.

21.   Within the club-leased area, pets must be kept on a leash and supervised at all times. Pets are not allowed in the pit or flight line areas. Service animals may be exempted (please discuss exemptions with any club officer).

22.   Children are not allowed beyond the spectator area unless under the direct supervision of an AMA member.

23.   The last member to leave must insure all others are out and confirm the gate combination is not left on the lock when chaining up the gate.


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